Chiropractic Adjustments


The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper movements and mechanical function to any part of the spine that has become stuck or immobilized, or that has begun moving in an inappropriate way as it attempts to compensate for a lack of mobility.

Adjustments can be delivered in variety of ways to tailor-fit your needs and preferences. Some patients prefer a chiropractic experience where they are not hearing the pops and cracks that can sometimes come with certain types of manual adjustments. Our clinicians are trained in the Thompson table drop technique and the artho-stim electric adjustment tool, both of which enable us to provide helpful correction to the spine without patients experiencing the cracking noises.

Age is also a consideration in our approach to patient care. The adjustments we provide for a child’s spine will be delivered in a completely different way than would be for an adult. Similarly, adjustments for elderly geriatric spines are delivered in a completely different manner than adjustments for middle-aged adults. Our skilled chiropractic clinicians are equipped with a variety of techniques and tools necessary to provide adjustments and care for a wide range of patient needs and preferences.