Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot Levelers

Sometimes back problems have a pesky way of sticking around. Even though the pain gets better with treatment, after time it may surface again. In these types of cases our clinicians never want to be the ones holding it all together for the patient. Instead, our goal is to empower our patients and equip them to support themselves. Situations like this often see marked improvement from assessing a patient’s feet with our Foot Levelers custom foot orthotic kiosk. We have seen great improvement among patients who have chosen to use these custom food orthotics, especially with reoccurring low back pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, and types of knee and hip pain.

Our feet are designed to be the beginning place for support and stability in our bodies. We have three arches in each of our feet to support the weight of our bodies and position our feet correctly under our ankles. If our ankles are properly supported, then they can in turn support our lower legs knees. When we have supported knees, we create support and balance for our pelvis, the foundation for our entire spine. Just like a house needs a solid foundation, our spine needs a stable pelvis to maintain the best alignment and mobility possible.

Instability in this system begins when we loose one or more of our arches, and often this leads to reoccurring back problems because our pelvis is perpetually unsupported. This lack of support can also increase the like likelihood of other injuries, especially for active people or athletes focused on building strength and endurance. As we often say at Core Complete, it is infinitely harder to build lasting strength on a foundation that isn’t structurally sound.

If our clinicians suspect your feet are a contributing factor to your spinal problem, you can be assessed with the Foot Levelers kiosk which digitally measures foot pronation and arch health in each foot. After reviewing the results with you, your clinician can help you select an orthotic best suited for your case and your lifestyle.