Meet the Team

PT & Chiropractic Under One Roof

Neal McCrum, P.T.

Core Physical Therapy

Hi, I’m a Physical Therapist and I started my journey with Core Complete in August of 2022. My educational background includes a BS in Health Science from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Physical Therapy from East Carolina University back in 2004. I’ve been serving the community of Portage/Kalamazoo and the surrounding area in the field of outpatient orthopedics ever since.

My passion for the sciences, the intricacies of the human body, and my love for sports led me to this profession. I actually stumbled upon the world of Physical Therapy while dealing with my own sports injuries during my time in high school. The best part of being a Physical Therapist, for me, is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my clients and assist them in living a more active, pain-free life, surrounded by the people who matter most to them.

I’ve known I was in the right profession from the early days of my career. It’s a profound feeling when a client returns, telling me they’ve achieved their goals. These goals can be diverse, ranging from being able to sleep through the night without pain to returning to their favorite sport or setting a personal record in a half marathon. Every time I help someone reach their goals, I’m reassured that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, making a positive impact in their lives.

Outside of my professional life, you’ll find me cherishing moments with my wife, Brenda, and our two wonderful kids, Avery and Kellen, not to forget our two dogs, Rey and Journey. Most of my “free time” is spent shuttling the kids to their practices and attending their sporting events. When I’m not the family taxi, you’ll catch me in the kitchen, cooking or grilling up a storm, hitting the golf course, sharing laughs with friends and neighbors, watching college and professional football and baseball, and immersing myself in the world of fantasy sports.

Clinical Interests: Sports rehabilitation, working with the overhead athlete, treatment of shoulder and elbow pain, post op shoulder rehab, general orthopedics, sports enhancement, back pain, manual therapy.

Certifications: Certification in Applied Functional Science, Asytm certified.

Dr. Oscar Posada, D.C.

Core Chiropractic

Clinical Interests: Stabilizing and Correcting Spinopelvic imbalances and low back pain syndromes, use cases for custom foot orthotics in correcting foot, ankle and knee pain, Sports Chiropractic and the youth athlete.

Our Core Beliefs At Core Complete

1.We believe chiropractic and physical therapy can richly complement one another in an evidence-based clinical environment.

2.We believe patients should not be forced to choose exclusively between one form of treatment or the other as they seek relief.

3.We believe it’s inefficient for patients to have to manage their own cases if they choose to see both types of clinicians simultaneously.

4.At Core Complete our clinicians believe our two professions have more in common than we have at odds. We believe that patient outcomes are the only things worth fighting for.

5.Our clinicians believe in unity as we provide evidence-based solutions from both sciences.